Return Towel

TENEX® Retractable Microfiber Towel


When players sweat on court, they have limited options for relief. Wristbands saturate quickly and can’t be used to wipe of sweaty racquet handles. Towels tucked into pants fall out and towels off court are only effective when play stops. TENEX Return Towel is a microfiber towel that clips onto your waistband with a retractor and lets you control sweat whenever you want!

  • Microfiber towel absorbs 10x its weight in moisture
  • Able to dry face, hands, racquet grip on demand
  • Won’t come off during play
  • Virtually weightless on court
  • Replacement towel installs in seconds
  • Easy clean-up in warm water wash
  • 2 Towels/1 Retractor per package

Product Details

Technical Specs:

  • 8″ x 12″ soft microfiber towel
  • 200GSM lightweight and absorbent
  • Hypoallergenic, sand free
  • High quality 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
  • 36″ retractor

tenex Retractable Towel faqs

TENEX Return Towel was designed to help players on court or people who are actively sweating in situations where the time or circumstances don’t allow for a sideline towel-off. Towel wristbands are useful in some situations but don’t allow for the nuanced coverage that a microfiber towel offers when playing, running, or painting a wall hanging off of a scaffold. Our towels are lightweight but absorbent. They easily attach to a waistband with a clip and can be retracted from that position at will, automatically “returning” to their original position.

Return Towels are typically clipped on to a skirt, shorts, or pants waistband. Most people attach them on their non-active side, so if you’re a right-handed server that would be on your left hip. Because the product is so portable, you can easily it in different positions and find the right position for you.

Return Towels are effective because they absorb 10x their weight in moisture and they dry off in between toweling, especially in hot weather. If someone is a prolific sweater and a towel gets saturated, it only takes a second to replace it with another towel.

Return Towels were invented because active people sweat and it was awkward to stuff a folded towel into a waistband and sometimes impossible to pull that towel out, use it, and put it back. Players and workers can place a small towel nearby, but by the time they use it and get back to work/play, they’re sweating again. In racket sports, wristers are used for face sweat, but they are useless to dry off slippery racket handles. Nothing is more frustrating than having a grip slip in your hand as you’re hitting a ball.

TENEX Return Towels weigh less than 2 ounces. Once they are attached to your wristband, you do not feel the weight of the towel.


It’s obvious that Return Towels would work for on-court sports like tennis and pickleball, but they also are effective for runners, climbers, and construction workers.