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Relief Band

How They Work

Tenex ESA

Whether you’re playing tennis or pickleball or just typing at your computer, harmful vibrations can make elbow pain unbearable. Worn like a wristwatch, TENEX ULTRA produces a counterwave that engages the extensor tendons neutralizing these vibrations BEFORE they reach your elbow. This solution is proven to be 10X more effective than compression braces, electric shocks, or pain pills.

Tenex SRB

Running from the lower back through the hip and leg to the heel, the sciatic nerve supports the motor and sensory functions in your legs. When the nerve is pinched it causes pain-typically in one leg. TENEX SRB intercepts sciatica pain at an acupressure point behind the knee called UB40. Unlike surface braces or socks, it gets deep enough to engage the nerve altering the brain’s pain signal and allowing the surrounding muscles to relax.

Tenex Return Towel

When players sweat on court, they have limited options for relief. Wristbands saturate quickly and can’t be used to wipe off sweaty racquet handles. Towels tucked into pants fall out and towels off court are only effective when play stops. TENEX Return Towel is a microfiber towel that clips onto your waistband with a retractor and lets you control sweat whenever you want!


TENEX has partnered with renowned physical therapist Dr. Dave Candy to give tennis elbow and sciatica sufferers pain relief and a path to a manageable solution. Informative videos and free e-books are available from Dr. Candy on the TENEX site to help you uncover the source of your pain and take steps toward living and playing pain-free. 

Conquer Tennis Elbow

If tennis elbow is keeping you from playing pickleball, tennis or participating in any activity with repetitive shock to your lower arm, this informative video will help you understand your pain and give you some ideas on how to recover from your injury. TENEX ULTRA has helped over a million people reduce their elbow pain so they could focus on a plan to bring about a long-term cure.

Solve the Sciatica Puzzle

If chronic back and/or leg pain from sciatica is keeping you from sitting, standing, or walking as long as you’d like, having fun with family or friends, sleeping at night, or feeling energized during the day, then you need to take a few minutes to watch this video! You’ll find information about the causes of sciatica (it’s not always the sciatic nerve), self-treatments that you can start to use today, and products like TENEX SRB that can reduce your pain as part of an overall strategy to keep your sciatica from coming back.

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