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Earn Commissions on Every Purchase Made by a Customer You Refer

Tennis Elbow plagues 40% of tennis players at some stage of their playing life. It typically affects people aged 35-55 years.  TENEX invented the most successful product ever created for Tennis Elbow, selling over 1 million units in 25 years by WOM with no marketing.  For the first time, TENEX is reaching out to players through influencers like you, offering them pain relief and a PT program to bring about a cure.  You can be a hero to these sufferers and make a commission on every customer you refer that purchases our Elbow Shock Absorber (ESA).  Most of your readers with Tennis Elbow have already spent time experimenting with bands and drugs that aren’t even 10% as effective as the ESA.  By the time they get to our website, they are ready to try the only product that really works.

TENEX will provide creative assets and written content that you can publish or edit including blogs and articles from our partner, Dr. Dave Candy, who was the Physical Therapist of the Year in St. Louis in 2021.  We want people to know why they are experiencing pain and what they can do to cure the problem.

Toward that end, we are offering a 10% commission and 60-Day Cookie Life to Affiliates with a following.  We are especially interested in helping a brand new group of people with lateral epicondylitis – pickleball players. 

Some percentage of your audience has sciatica.  10-40% of adults 35-60 are afflicted.  TENEX has a new solution for sciatica pain relief called the Sciatica Relief Band (SRB).  And we have the same Affiliate offer for you.  More information on these products is available on the TENEX website. 

The TENEX Affiliate program is managed through WooCommerce and enables you to easily generate hyperlinks for your platform and receive commissions via PayPal for the sales generated by your link.  
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